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Before proceeding please confirm you have read and understood the following declaration which forms the basis of this travel insurance policy.


  • Policies must be issued prior to the departure of your trip.
  • Journey covered under the policy must commence from Hong Kong as original place of departure and return before the policy expires. For one way travel, the insurance cover shall automatically cease by the end of 72 hours after the date of departure or on expiry date of the policy whichever earlier and for return travel the policy ends once you have returned to your normal place of residence or work place within Hong Kong or 2 hours after arrival at Hong Kong whichever earlier.
  • Sporting Activities - Most amateur sports are covered at no additional charge. eg Scuba diving (not exceeding 30m in depth), Cycling, Surfing, Bungee jumping, Paragliding, White water rafting, trekking (not exceeding 5km in altitude above sea level), Snow Sports, etc.
  • The terms and conditions of the policy are subject to the jurisdiction of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region where the Certificate of Insurance is issued.

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